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The main theme of the course is how to make High-Quality Impressions. However, I have included more topics in this course, such as Post-Production using Photoshop, 360 Rendering and 360 Tour, Interior Design Tips and Personal Experiences. In order to reach a high-level of quality, apart from the necessary skills, you will also need to have the knowledge/the know-how. This certain know-how/knowledge is going to be covered by these additional topics, offering you the opportunity to design and execute High-Quality Impressions.
Prices & What's Included
Here are the prices of what you are going to learn. All those combined in one package of 400€.
High Quality Render + Interior Design
360 Tour
Download files of Settings - Lighting - Camera - 3D Model Download all needed files
Interior Design Knowledge & Tips
One on One Support on your Questions During courses One on One Support
50+ Videos / 9+ Hours of Content
One time payment
In More Detail
I will teach you how to make renders so realistic that they blur the line between reality and 3D. The software programs we will be using are 3Ds Max (with Vray) and Adobe Photoshop. I have spent four months putting the course together and make it deeply valuable. The duration of the course is 9+ hours. During the course, I narrate my actions in a concise and clear way, so that you will be able to follow it, even if your 3D-skills are basic. Throughout the course, we will use my work on a private house in Lyon as our basis, following the project from its first steps, until the final presentation.
You will be able to see, the way I work and think when it comes to 3D and Interior Design. Scheduling, Research, Specific Rules, and Ideas are some of the first topics of the course. We will also cover, where I download all my 3D models and materials. Regarding materials, we will dive deeper and go through examples of different options and qualities. By the end, you will be able to understand the difference between basic textures and PRO texture. The course gives you the opportunity to watch the way I work, leading you step-by-step into making from scratch three impressions for your own portfolio. After the last lesson, you will be able to download files containing my Settings, Lighting, Camera, and a 3D model of the house (the modeling part is not included, that's why I give you the 3D model of the house). *Keep in mind that if you decide to follow along step-by-step, you will have to purchase in advance the models and materials I use throughout the procedure.
I will provide you with all the necessary links. You will also have the opportunity to watch how I made the Living room and Bedroom for a penthouse in Los Angeles. For this project, I used some special techniques regarding materials, lighting, and Photoshop effects.
The course will teach you how to import Settings, Lighting and Cameras, so that you will never have to waste your time on technical details again. As a bonus, I will show you how to render and make a 360 tour. Being able to virtually walk through your design is a big advantage.
I will teach you things that only few people know.
In the end, you will have all the skills and knowledge I have.
That is my plan, to make you a High-Quality Professional in Interior Visualization.
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Course Curriculum

All the lessons will be unlocked and available to watch for all future time, immediately after your payment. Each lesson is approximately 1 hour long.