Master Level of Interior Visualization
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People have been asking me for courses for some time now, but I needed time to prepare what I had on my mind. By launching my own company, I found the time to create online courses, exactly the way, I wanted them to be. If you follow my work, you probably already know, how much value I give to everything I do. In this course, you are going to acquire all the skills and knowledge of Professional Interior Visualization. My goal is to make this course your greatest investment, giving you at the same time the ability to attract the company or client you are looking for.
Interior Visualization

I will share with you the way I work and create my projects.

I am filled with a deep passion for Interior Design and I want to welcome you into my world.

What people say

Some special private messages and comments I have received about me and my work.

Honestly the course is the most helpful and sincere thing ever and I am so glad that I registered in it and had the chance to also speak with you, who is so kind and thoughtful as well.

- -Maria Yaqoob

It’s very professional! I’m finishing the photoshop lessons but I decided to start the practice as well.
I was looking for something like this since long time.

- Valeria Lorgio

It’s been great so far. This course is the best thing I ever bought myself. I’m someone who learns quickly if I’m enjoying and it’s the first time I wait to get back home to continue the lesson so thank you for the effort you put in making it. So worth it x

- Tara Aschkar

I'm in lesson 8 now. So far the course is so smooth and understandable!
I find it so beneficial and its opening my eyes to a lot of things I missed when I did my 3ds.

- Lynn kfoury

Thank you for asking! This far I am very satisfied because you explain everything in details, not only in technical terms but also in an artistic aspect, and because of that and the hard work you have done with the course, there is not much room for not understanding the steps.

- Eva Hysi

Hi Georgios, it’s been extraordinary! Everything is very well sectioned, and organized. I learnt a lot about materiality and color board !
I especially enjoy the personal experience you shared, such an inspiration. Thank you for reaching me, I really appreciate it! Really looking forward to see more of your work and get inspired ! Cheers Georgios !

- Hansen Sentosa

I've learned a lot from your course , and i really enjoyed working on your project ! Thank you so much georgios for every information specially in lighting and sun :) OMG i needed it ! I just worked on the project step by step with you so now i'm waiting for the first render !
I'm so excited to see it and then i will continue the photoshop part !

- Nadeen Samara

I watched it all and I saw many interesting things, that I will definitely use in my scenes. I realized that materials are very important and mine were not so I am going to take more time to learn more advanced materials.
Your materials are great! And that is what scene makes so powerfull.

- Tamara Bulic

I'm really satisfied so far, but I'm still on the Lesson 2 because I had so much work and no free time.
I can already tell you that 3ds Max was really a complicated program for me so far but you made it easier for me.

- TAleksandra Todic

I really appreciate to the way you present the courses. This is the course that I need !
In my country ,Taiwan ( a small island in Asia) there isn’t that much resources to learn about cgi effects and also there is no one can present the render as good as yours! So, I’m really glad to take the courses, it’s very clear and easy to learn.
And It’s so generous that you provide a lot of wedsites,plugins, textures and models.
Thank you for giving us the course.

- Hsia Hui Yu

I learned a lot thank you so much. Your such a generous person to give all what you learned.

- Rawabi Alshalan

Thanks for being so helpful and engaging with your community, it’s a rare sight to see.

- Ateeth Kosuri

I liked that the course was well timed and easy to comprehend making it highly beneficial
. All in all it was inclusive of all valuable and practical information. Thank you

- Fatima Omar

Thanks for reaching out.
I'm still in the beginning of the course, but I'm loving whatever I've gotten to so far! It's really informative!

- Esther Rapaport

I only joined to know how you arrange your time and the to do list and special techniques.
And loved the lesson of your personal experiences .. felt that we think alike I LOVED THE Course and how you analyze the project .. the way it should be , I learned how to manage my time and how to start professionally...
You mentioned some websites i didn’t know about Thank you georgios you said everything in this course

- Rana Ezzat

Hello from UAE I wanted to inform you that I finally started the course after graduating from the university! I can already tell this course will be the most helpful out of all of the 3DsMax courses I took!
Also, I wanted to point out how inspiring the phrase “I search to see what already exists not to repeat the design” as an interior design student who always worked hard to create a new design that resembles my concept, I always refused to copy any design regardless of how much time and effort the concept takes. And I just thought it was a great thing you did to clarify this point to all starters!

- Alya Alhashmi

Everything is good , thank you so much for this magnificent course !
So far everything is clear , will definitely contact you if i have any questions . Thank you for checking up with me , appreciate it!!

- Yara Anabtawi

The course is a great investment! I highly recommend it to those who want to see their renders get dramatically improved in no time.
Good explanation, pleasant to watch & truly helpful.

- Ines Briza

I really like it so far, everything is well explained and very detailed, I am learning a lot.
It exceeded my expectations, thank you! Can’t wait to finish the course but at the same time don’t want to.

- Diego Galvan

Hi Georgios, I am loving it honestly very straightforward and short I have improved already so glad i took it.

- Aisha Mohammed

Absolutely amazing! I am so glad that I invested in your course... You are the best at what you do and my inspiration!

- Naeem Khota

I would recommend this course for any one who wants to elevate their designing and rendering skills.

- Warda Alsanabani

The course has been amazinggg so far. Will share some of the render with you when it's done. Thank you!!

- Johan Soesanto

The course is really good. The way you have prepared the layout for the course is very easy to learn and understand. Thanks for checking up and saying hi.

- Ankisha George

Hello Georgios! I love the lessons, really helped me! Thank youuuu

- Gisella Buendia

The course is really informative and valuable, and your explanation is very easy to follow, I'm glad about the results, it's highly recommended, many thanks.

- Zaid Jafary

Thank you very much about asking . Actually the course seems so useful so far & straight forward . Hopefully I’ll continue the remaining lessons as soon as possible and if I have any questions I’ll contact you for sure.

- Farah Alnajjar

It was a great course and easy to learn..
I was learning how you did the post rendering using photoshop.. haven't done the modeling because caught up with other work.

- Zuraini Zakaria

The master class is perfect.
So interesting

- Corentin Gruson

That really helps clarify things
Once again..Thank you Georgios....

- John Ogungbefun

Love the way how you explain the lessons it’s flexible and easy

- Sara Saadi

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